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We pride ourselves in providing the best training and equipment for your journey to learn Kung Fu. Sifu Zhang is an actual Shaolin Temple trained master. He has taught hundreds of students, many of whom have gone on to win National Championships and the like. Sifu's moderation and patience suits students from the very beginning to the very advanced. He teaches traditional forms and the use of weapons, always keeping safety in mind.

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FreeIntroduction to Kung Fu

The Free one hour class includes:

  • Explain what Shaolin Kung Fu is.
  • Learn basic stretching.
  • Learn basic safety rules.
  • Do simple moves and exercises.
  • Meet fellow students
Level1Walk-in to any Level

One class pass for any class includes:

  • Join the class with full engagement.
  • Learn the skills for that day's class.
  • May optionally include weapons.
  • Flexible to meet your busy schedule.
  • After using 10 one-day pass, get one FREE
Level2Quarterly membership

Monthly membership includes:

  • Take any one class per day.
  • Save money by attending often.
  • Learn the arts more consistently.
  • Repetition is the road to excellence.
  • Build your confidence and skills.
Level3Annual membership

Quarterly membership includes

  • Save money over quarterly membership.
  • Free SMKF T-shirt.
  • Attend two extra day class per week.

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